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Expat coaching in English

My name is Anne-Marie Faassen. As a former Expat child and as a therapist, I coach expatriates and their families prior to their move abroad. I also coach expatriates who struggle with their new life abroad.

After arriving in the foreign country there is often that “holiday feeling”. Everything is new, exciting and the expectations are high. Soon after, a period of awareness follows and you realize that everything is different in your new environment. Everything is a hassle, nothing is exciting anymore and there can be frictions.

Expat coaching can help you overcome these issues.

Online support

But how can I support a community that shifts and moves so frequently?

Online technology! Today we can use e-mail, Skype or Facetime to get and stay connected which provides counselling without borders.

Types of issues

Expat Coaching can help you with:

  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Homesickness
  • How to deal with financial dependency
  • Learning how to cope with change
  • Parenting issues
  • Preparing for relocation or repatriation
  • Rediscovering your identity
  • Relationship problems

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact me.


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Expat coaching in English Valkenswaard

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Expat coaching in Dutch

Expat coaching in het Nederlands
Als ervaringdeskundige en als therapeut begeleid ik expatriates en hun gezinnen zowel voor áls tijdens hun verblijf in het buitenland.

Anne-Marie Faassen
Wezelstraat 2
5555 AR Valkenswaard

Individual therapy/counseling:
90‑minute session
€105 incl. 21% VAT

Relationship therapy/counseling
90‑minute couple’s session
€105 incl. 21% VAT

Therapie Valkenswaard: English-speaking expat coaching and counselling, expat therapy in the region Valkenswaard, Veldhoven, Eindhoven, and online with skype, facetime, e-mail and telephone.

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